The Scales of Justice are reasons and logic in defense of TRUTH, EQUALITY and LIBERTY which represent the triumph over tyranny and prejudice. Corey Kamyar Katir

In image below observe that a not guilty verdict was ordered by California Supreme Court for Corey Kamyar Katir and entered into the records.

It is ordered that the plea of not guilty be entered and the complaint is hereby dismissed

Corey Katir Court Doc


The Welsh language word trugaredd comes from the root word caru, meaning “to love.” Because it includes a sense of kindness and unfailing affection, it is often translated to “mercy,” or “loving-kindness.”

Criticism, blaming and grudge are the opposite of trugaredd. It undermines the motivation to be kind and the capacity to be available to others. The mindfulness approach invites people to explore a different way they relate to themselves and world, with a quality of attention that has trugaredd about it.

“Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it.” – Merle Miller

This quote helps remind me that we all have burdens, each in different ways. It is how we handle (or carry) our burdens that makes the difference.

• Do we let it defeat us?
• Do we let it push us towards giving up, giving in, or quitting?
• Do we look to our friends, family, co-workers to help us share our burdens (depending on type)?
• Do we view it as a means of growth and learning?